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Artist : Bui Huu Hung
Title:   Motherland
Media: Lacquer on wood
Dimension: (120 x 160)cm
Status: Available
Bamboo Landscape
Artist : Bui Huu Hung
Title:   Bamboo Landscape
Media: Lacquer on wood
Dimension: (122 x 122)cm
Status: Availabe
Still Life
Artist : Bui Huu Hung
Title:   Still life
Media: Lacquer on wood
Dimension: (122 x 122)cm
Status: Available
Royal Lady III
Artist : Bui Huu Hung
Title:   Royal Lady III
Media: Lacquer on wood
Dimension: (122 x 122)cm
Status: Available
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1957  : Born in Hanoi, Vietnam.
1975  : Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University and studied Lacquer Painting with Lacquer Artists at traditional Workshops.
              Memember of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.
1967  : The mamber of International Association of Lacquer Painters.
Solo exhibitions:
1995 : Exhibition of Lacquer works at the Australian ambassador, Hanoi
1996 : Exhibition of Lacquer Paintings, Bell gallery, Hanoi.
1998 : Exhibition at Art House Gallery, London.
1999 : " A Novel Traditional" Apricot Gallery, Hanoi.
             "A Novel Traditional" Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hongkong and Singapore.
2000 : Motcomb Gallery, London.
2001 : at Sofotel Metropole Hanoi.
2002 : "Recollection of the Past" at Apricot Gallery, Ho Chi Minh.
Group exhibitions:
1982 : Exhibition of Lacquer Painting, Vasava, Poland.
1983 : Exhibition, Occidental, Sophia, Bulgaria.
            "Art Spring" Allian francais, Hanoi, Vietnam.
1994 : " Avant- Garde" Exhibition House, Hanoi, Vietnam.
1995 : " My favourite Character & Ceramaicd" Art, Salon Natasa, Hanoi, Vietnam.
1996 : " Lacquer International" Fuitiija Art Museum, Tokyo.
1997 : " The Sacred Seasons" Notices Gallery, Singapore.
            " Past & Present " Maison desarts Europe Asie, Paris, French.
            " Nostalgia " Sofitel, Hanoi.
             Exhibition at Plum Blossoms, Hongkong.
 2000 : Motcomb Gallery, London.
 2001 : " Separate Paths" at Dragon Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam.
2002 : " To the Rivers Meets " Group exhibition in the Vietnamese Culture Festival.
             Luxembourg and continued at " Libre de Druxelles" University, Brussels, Belgium.
2003 : Exhibition, Beljing, China.
Museum collection:
         Eastern Fine Arts Museum of USSR
         Singapore Atr Museum.
         Museum of Sydney, Australia.
         Museum of Brussels, Belgium.
         Museum of Berlin, Germany.
Public collections:
        Vietnamese Embassy, London, England.
        Vietnamese Embassy, Brussels, Belgium.
        Bambou Restaurant, London.
       Standard Chartered bank, Hongkong. 


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